Monday, December 29, 2014

Custom Roll Top Desk

Last post of 2014!! 

I can't believe this year is coming to a close already. It's crazy how fast the year flew by. I am definitely looking forward to what 2015 will bring...hopefully lots of happy memories and changes for the good. So Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Here is my last custom piece of the 2014, a cute little roll top desk. I have to say I was a little scared and apprehensive when we picked it up. The adorable little lady who hired me wanted it stripped down and stained a lighter color. Looking at it I knew right away that most of it was particle board and not real wood uh oh!! So I showed here a few painted and stained pieces I had previously done in the hopes she liked them...SCORE...she loved the matching coffee and end tables I did. This made life a little easier BUT still brought on the anxiety attacks that always come with doing custom pieces. You just never know if they will love the end result and well that pressure can get to a girl lol. 

When we got home and I started to strip her down I realized the ONLY real wood was on the legs...of course...the hardest part because of all the details, no chance in an easy sander project here!! So hand sanding it was! Once it was finished and I started to prep and paint the remaining areas I realized there just wasn't enough "stained" wood like she wanted. The top shelf had water damage and bubbling, with my OCD I knew I couldn't leave it be so I found some scrap wood and replaced it, along with a piece for the drawer to make it look even.  I replaced all the hardware for a little updating. Finished painting, distressing, aging, staining and protecting and this desk was ready! 

We delivered it on Christmas Eve and she was sooooo excited!! She gave me a huge hug and it made my day :) Once we set it up inside for her she gave me several more pieces to re-do to match it YAY!!! Custom furniture and all the anxiety attacks they bring on make it all worth it when they love it. How can I not love my job!! I am so looking forward to 2015!!!

Here are all the 'before" pics

And the "afters"

Can't wait to get started on the matching pieces!!!!