Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fireman Dresser

For a boy

I never do furniture for boys so I was so excited to do this one. Hands down one of my favorites! 
My inspiration: the hardware.
I had seen a similiar dresser on Pinterest with the red & walnut stained stripes so when I found the hardware I knew it would look amazing together.
Here he is:

I wanted a fireman theme,
but no so "themed" and "kiddish"
that it wouldn't last more than a few years in a room.

I used an oil based enamel paint and added polycrylic to protect it.
Little boys can be rough on furniture so I wanted to ensure it was as protected as possible.

Distressed Red Buffet

I've noticed these days people tend to shy away from using these old long dressers with mirrors in the bedrooms anymore. They seem to be continuosly repurposed as buffets or TV stands. I tend to agree that they are better suited elswhere in a home. Maybe it's just me but it seems as if homes these days have less wall space in the bedrooms and seriously lack storage areas. I think that is why I feel in love with this beauty, all the additional drawer space. If I were to keep this baby I would definitly use it to store the crazy amounts of blankets we have accumulated over the years!! Anyone else have that problem??? Why can we not just throw away those twin comforters the kids had years ago, even when we no longer have a twin size bed? Or the Twilight blanket that was a must have? Oh or the little red airplane blankets that we steal every trip?? Heck I still have twin size sheets!! Maybe it is time...Oh boy, I feel a spring cleaning coming on now thinking about all this. Okay, enough on that. Let's get back to the furniture peice and focus on that. I found her on Facebook. The poor guy didn't want to part with it. It was his Grandmothers and his Mom had started to refinish it. You can see in the pictures below where she hand sanded the top. I have to give her credit, she hand sanded longer than I would have!! No wonder she gave up! It was not easy task. For that reason I knew there was no way I could paint over the top, I had to finish the job and stain it. As far as the bottom and why I choose red, I thought a nice walnut stained top with compliment it. Why then did I not stain the top walnut?? I simply grabbed the wrong can. It wasn't until I got the second coat on I realized what I had done. Oops. So it turned out the way it did. I think it looks okay. I used all the same hardware cause it was gorgoues!! And this baby is solid, I'm talking super heavy. Here are the before pics:

And here is how she turned out:


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Refinished King Headboard

King Headboard Redo

This headboard was never intended to be refinished. I actually sold it on Craigslist last summer. The guy paid me in full and said he would be back the following week to pick it up. One month later he stopped by and said he didn't bring his truck with him but would come back another day?? Really? I finally set it on my front porch and forgot about it. Okay, that sounds a little crazy but I promise we are not those crazy people who have things piled up outside the house!!! It was off in a corner and kind of hidden by a large bush. It actually blended it so much that after a while I really forgot it was there, LOL! 
Well, after 8 months I finally decided it was time to say enough is enough. As far as I was concerned he defaulted on his storage unit rental and it was time to auction it off. BUT...of course I couldn't just leave it like it was. Not after staring at it for 8 months and thinking about what I could do with it.
Here is what I came up with

Here is what I stared at for 8 months! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam
and a little bit of Bling

Normally I can't afford to bid on Highboy dressers at the auction but this set was special. 
It literally fell off the truck turning into the auction house. Seriously.
They were still in great shape though, well other than the unattached legs! 
But hey they were all there. 
Score for me!

With all that being said there was no way I could re-stain these beautiful solid maple bad boys. Which really saddened me but I do love the way they turned out. This was one of those projects I would do something to it, stare at for days (okay sometimes weeks) and then add or change something and then stare at it get the point. This project took a while.

Oh and sorry for no "before" pictures, I dropped my phone in the toilet (yes it was clean) and lost all my pictures. Hopefully I painted a good enough mental picture of what they looked like though! 


Check out the new hardware!!! 
It is SO cool, I think they really made the piece
Didn't come with a mirror, my guess it shattered, so I improvised. This mirror was originally the top to a coffee table.  

Let me know what you think.

Purple Power

Purple Power

French Provincial furniture is my favorite for a little girls room. It is dainty and feminine. So it is only obvious what color choices I had to choose from. 

I had this neglected deep purple spray paint laying around screaming "start with me!". I wanted to make sure every detail of this dresser stood out.

 Unfortunately one piece of hardware was broken so I had no choice but to replace two of them.

Did the different shades of purple with the gray and white accents work together??

Chalk Paint Dresser

This piece was a beauty untouched, all except the rather large burn on the top! Urg. If I thought for a second I could have sanded it down I would have much rather done so. Unless items are damaged I prefer to leave some wood showing. Well that is unless I have a crazy vision (which can happen often LOL). 
I am not really a fan of chalk paint but decided to give it a go on this one. 

For some reason my imagination was on vacation. I just started painting and this is what I ended up with. 

The one thing I did love about this was the color changed so drastically between natural light and inside light. It looked like two different dressers from day to night.

I thought for sure this one would sit on Craigslist for a while but it sold within 24 hours! Yay!

Fun Chandelier

I am obsessed with chandeliers these days.
My Mom purchased two chandeliers at a garage sale in Florida for $5 a piece. She had planned to use them and didn't, YAY for me! 
I plan on putting one in my bathroom (some think I am crazy) and the other I decided to play around with.

 Felt it needed a little glam with rhinestones
 These mason jars were perfect and leaves a diamond like pattern on the wall when on

Just a fun little project...
Oh and it matches the Chevron dresser!