Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dresser without a plan

French Country Shabby Chic

We found this baby on a facebook online yard sale site. 
It has a matching full/queen headboard and footboard.
I purchased this because we had a client who wanted the bed, un-finished. 
I figured sell him that and the dresser would have cost me nothing. 
On top of that the lady through in this stunning vintage round mirror and frame that used to sit on top of a vanity!!
Score for me!!!
Guy never showed up for the headboard and now his cell phone is cut off.
So, change of plans.
I started with the dresser.
Now that it's complete I think I am going to refinish the bed to match.
If I try to sell it as a whole I think I can recoup my money and then some.
AND I get to do something I love!!
So all in all not to bad of a deal.

Now, I started with a white coat of paint and wiped on some stain. I loved the look.
It reminded me of my Mom... 
you know my wonderful, beautiful, kind Mother I have.
Not the furniture stealing, must let her preview everything first so she can have dibs and expect me to drive in 7 hours to deliver!
Oh wait, same Mom!! 
Just kidding Mommy, Luv u!
It is so much fun to give her a hard time!!

Okay, so back to the dresser.
I probably shouldn't have painted the sides green but I am thinking it gives it character.
If I would have done it all the same as the drawers maybe it would have looked to plain??? IDK
So I am thinking I may leave the green out of the head/foot board.
Any thoughts???

Here is the dresser before:

Water damage, had to go. Really stinks cause the headboard has this same lattice design.

Here are the After shots:

I gotta say, I love having doing a stained top on any piece I can. I personally think it gives it a rich look.

I changed out all the hardware because they just overwhelmed the dresser

Green or no green on the headboard????

One more time:


  1. It seems like you want it to look "new" rather than refurbished.

  2. I think it just depends on the peice, some have areas that are too damaged to refurbish. I am just having fun playing with different ways of making them different. I absolutely love restoring peices back to original. I don't post those ones because I am really trying to give people inspiration, wether it be an idea for a whole room or a peice that may look good in a room. Thank you for the comment. I will post some of the ones I have restored back to original so people can see the beauty in them untouched (well sort of lol).