Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our New Fish Tank Stand

Fish Tank Stand
Moving into the new house we had an odd shaped fish tank stand and no where to put it. 
So I dug deep into my furniture stash and found a Drexel buffet that was missing the top.
We had purchased this at an auction for 5 bucks!!
Seriously, it was a beautiful piece, no top and all!
I knew we would find a use for it for day!

I wish the pictures would have come out better but the lighting in the living is room is not the greatest right now.
And please don't judge the blah-ness of the wall color....
slowly but surely we will get each room painted and decorated.

So here it is:


I think the top is my favorite!
Amazing what a couple of 2 x 8 pieces of wood will do!

Now it is time to add the fish tank!!!
Oh wait, can't yet
Must paint walls first
Which would require me to decide on a color theme...
I was so excited to buy a house and have free reign to decorate but now I am second guessing every little detail!
So if anyone has any suggestions on a color that would make this stand pop feel free to comment and let me know!

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