Monday, July 22, 2013

French Country Headboard & A Saw Zaw

Love Love Love how this one turned out!
In a previous post I had talked about this bed and making it a matching set.
Nope, didn't happen.
As I pulled it out I realized the lattice was damaged.
 I have no idea how it fix it so I scraped it!
Since I was left with this big open space and not quite sure what to do I started to look around the garage. 
Then I noticed I was home alone and no hubby to tell me I couldn't touch certain power tools!! 
HeHe, I got a little excited and grabbed the saw zaw and headed toward the pallets in the back yard.
OMG...that was so fun! 
I had to stop myself from cutting them all up!
I was so proud of myself that when the hubby did get home I proudly showed them off. 
I should have known his reaction, he played it off. 
He was like oh yeah if there was one tool you could use by yourself it would be a saw zaw!! 
I am still not sure if he was secretly excited he now wouldn't have to run downstairs on a whim and cut something for me
if he is pissed that I have invaded yet another part of his manly tool area????
Oh well, I got the job done!
And I LOVE it!
I am wishing right now I had a spare bedroom to put it in.

Here are the "Before" pictures:

Here are the damaged areas, hard to see at a quick glance

And here are the "Afters"

 Just a little added details to make it match

Here is the transformation one more time:

I am actually very happy that guy never came to purchase this one. It looks so much better refinished.
His loss :)

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