Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fundraising Rocking Chairs

Its summer time and nothing is more calming than sitting on the front porch sippin' on some good ole southern sweet tea.
Its not often I get that chance!! :(
My daughter is a middle school dancer and they practice like crazy during the summer months. Between refinishing furniture and carpooling her around to the studio, to the school, to ballet, to gymnastics there is not enough time in the day.
So when the team decided to raise some money I thought it all to fitting to re-vamp some old rocking chairs to sell. 
(So if anyone lives near Chattanooga, TN these are for sale...and all the money goes to them!!)
I already had one chair laying around but knew I needed more.
Now, I am not a huge fan of Facebook, however someone turned me on to these online yard sale sites on FB. Now those are pretty cool. I decided we could raise more money if I did a matching pair too. 
I posted "ISO: Free rocking chairs" and boy was I surprised how quickly I got a response. Within an hour I had this wonderful lady donate two chairs AND she only lived a few miles away!!! She will never know how grateful I am for that. It not only renewed my faith in the kindness of people around here but also made be realize once again the hubby and I made the right choice in moving to this area.
With all that said....Here are the chairs:

Here is what they were "Before"

I hope we can get these sold soon.

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