Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A "Girls" Armoire !!!

This is by far my FAVORITE project ever!

I will start by showing you the 
average, everyday T.V. armoire

Blah, right????

Now lets take a look at what she could be...
what every teenage girl needs in her room

I am so excited how this one turned out.
Here are some more pictures with all the details:

She is totally gonna kill me for adding this picture!! 
Sorry my little "bug".

We kept all the same hardware and just painted them a gloss white

Extra drawer space a plus,
cause boy does she have some clothes!

 We added the clear knobs to match her dresser.
You can see it here:

This is with no accessories added

 I am officially in love with these cute little "As Seen On TV" things. I have never been the kind to buy into these things (okay, well maybe the "pancake flipper" one that my father-in-law bought me for Christmas one year because I was obsessed and refused to buy for myself! Yes, he thought I was crazy, I just know he is still laughing at me from heaven every time I flip a pancake!!)
Okay, so back to these cool "BLING EEZ" things. 
Cheap price: yes, cheap plastic: yes, 
perfect for organization: yes!!!
For the price, I'd order again!

 Man do I love Home Depot! 
3 pieces of PVC pipe from the plumbing dept. and we are adding some serious organization for all things girls...
Yep, the hair tool essentials:
Flat iron, curling iron and a blow dryer

Oh, and a cute little magnetic strip for all those bobby pins that I find laying around everywhere! 

Under the cabinet lighting from Walmart and she can see that flawless face in the mirror! 

We purchased the canvas baskets at Michael's,
on a 60% off clearance! YEAH!
She will end up moving them around and placing them where they work best for her.
And I can only imagine what she will find to put in them!

Some cute Dollar Tree plastic bins and she is getting more and more organized by the minute

These two pictures (above and below) were taken with her room lights off. 
So you can see how well those under the cabinet lights work.
They are perfect for this space.

We added a few accessory pieces 
so you could see how it all could look....
Nice and neat, all put together...
Yep, probably not for long though!

-Just kidding Courtney, 
I KNOW you will keep this new addition neat and organized!
I am very lucky to have a OCD daughter...
well sometimes "lucky",
sometimes not so lucky when I am tired and just wanna be a little messy! LOL 

What do you think???
I had so much fun putting this together.
Just a desk and a nightstand to make-over and her room will be complete.
Can't wait to show everyone the final transformation!