Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Inspired Dresser

Sometimes inspiration comes at the strangest times! A few days ago a lady came by to look a coffee table I had for sale. Although it wasn't the right fit for her place she inspired my next project. She showed me a picture of her area rug that she was looking to match a coffee table to. The color was beautiful and so I knew I had to add it to the dresser I had just sanded. Thank goodness too because I really didn't know what I was going to do with it!! 

So this is how it turned out:

Here is what she looked like before:

Mom's Dining Room Table

Mom's Dining Room Table

 So many memories...
This table was used and abused my Mom's six grandchildren over the years. I can remember watching the kids gathered around doing arts and crafts, making cookies during their annual Christmas parties and just hanging out with her. She loved this table and wanted to one day refinish it and use it in her new farmhouse. Sadly it is too big to fit her new kitchen :( She had even purchased the material years ago to reupholster and make matching curtains. So when we realized it wouldn't work I decided to go ahead with her original plan and refinish it the way she imagined it. Even though she can't keep it at least she knows her vision was beautiful!!

I hope she is proud of how it turned out

Here is it all finished:

Here is what it looked like after the grandkids grew up 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who's the...
Just kidding 
We've been watching too many episodes of "Once Upon a Time" 

Had a little fun with these misc. mirrors that once belonged to a dresser. Not sure which one I like better???

Here is the Before:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Antique Coffee Table

Antique Coffee Table

This was a fun little side project. I love antique furniture that has curves and details and gorgeous wood grain. This was a simple as sanding, primer, paint, glaze, stain and several coats of poly. Oh and a little fix of the drawer. I love easy! And best of all this fabulous piece of furniture was FREE!!

And the finished product:

Milk Paint Buffet

Milk Paint...
Worth it or not??

Say hello to my new buffet :)
It's been awhile since I finished a piece for my own house so I was excited to get to work on it. I had just purchased two colors of Milk Paint to test out, pearl and french gray. I have heard nothing but rave reviews so here was my chance to give it a whirl. 

Here is my list of Pros and Cons:
               Pros                                             Cons
Good selection of colors                     Doesn't cover much area
Dries super fast                                   Expensive (spent $30)
Can do several coats in a day             Dries grainy/rough
"Prep" work is minor                          Too much sanding afterwards
                                                            It smells  
Overall it wasn't too terribly bad to work with. I did a lot of bad mouthing it while I was working though. It seemed like way too much work for the price spent. I am not too sure if I will work with it again. I know everyone seems to love it but I just don't get it. To me using a homemade "chalk paint" is much easier and super inexpensive and has pretty much the same look.

I will say this though, in the end, I am pleased with how it turned out. Not at all what I imagined I wanted in my dining room but it has now become that piece I will decorate around. So Yay!!

Now that I have a focal piece I can finish my dining room table and find wall colors!!