Monday, September 24, 2012

Some "new" Projects for this week

Here are the "Before" pictures of this weeks projects.

Oh my, not a picture I want in my house! 
However I couldn't pass up on another "freebie". 
When I found my daughters dresser on craigslist I was so excited. The girl was moving out of the country and told me to take anything else I wanted for FREE! As I was walking around my inner creativity was going off. I walked away with this lovely picture, 4 awesome chairs and of course the dresser...all for $15. What a steal!
I think this frame will find a new home in my daughters room as a magnetic board!

Here is the other I will be working on this week. 
A garage sale find that has been calling my name to make look pretty.
I haven't decided what I will do with her yet.
Her drawers had so many coats of paint they were literally stuck. 
We had to hammer them out! She is a solid piece of wood so we will see how she turns out.

Check back this week for the "AFTER" shots.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My "freebie" Find

Okay, so this is the last one without Before & After pictures.
We purchased a dresser and some table from a guy clearing out his storage unit and he gave use this one for FREE!!!
It was missing drawers and all the hardware...No Problem in my book!
Here she is all finished

All she needed was a coat of primer, paint and some stain wiped on.
I used hardware I already had laying around (just painted them black) and found these great baskets on CLEARANCE at Michael's a while back.
Less than 24 hrs. on Craigslist and this baby sold!!!

$5 Auction Find turned Shabby Chic

I am so excited about how this one turned out!!
We purchased this at an auction for $5, no one wanted this baby because she was missing drawers.
Are you kidding me....she was amazing!
Here is the BEFORE

Here is the AFTER

Primed, painted and scuffed for a little shabby chic look
Some sanding, stain and a coat of poly
3 new baskets from Hobby Lobby
(all on a 50% off sale!)

I love how she turned out!
Just a little TLC and she is as good as new!

Courtney's "New" Dresser

Well, she is finally done!!
Here is the BEFORE

And here is the AFTER...

 She is so excited to finally have this in her room!! 
She has been bugging me every night and day.

We are remodeling her room so I will get some pictures of that and show everyone the progress.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Next project BEFORE pics


This is our next project...
Isn't she a beauty!
I am thinking a dresser or a TV stand, maybe a kitchen island???
This is all she came with, missing drawers & no hardware.

I will keep ya'll posted on her progress!

Mid Century Modern Retro Bedroom Set

Mid Century Modern 
Dresser & Chest of Drawer Set


Monday, September 10, 2012

Ombre Dresser/Chest of Drawers

My first
Ombre Dresser!!!
We call it "Jetson", 
cause it looks like something George Jetson would have in his home
This one is going up for sale
Chattanooga, TN

Not sure if the lighting does this justice.
The outer body is a bright gloss white. 

Mid Century Modern

I wish I would have taken before pictures!


My Daughter's "new" Dresser BEFORE

Okay, so I have just started a blog to show off some of my hubby & I's projects.
I have posted all our projects so far. 
Since we never imagined doing so many we didn't start with BEFORE & AFTER pictures.
So today I will start.

My daughter has recently entered middle school and has asked for a room makeover.  
Apparently her room is too pink and childish and not fit for a teenager...oh I am so scared for what the next few years may bring!!
So here is the $10 Craigslist dresser I bought. 
She is still deciding on her colors (they seem to change every week).
As we figure it out and get to work on it I will post the progress.

Shabby Chic Distressed Turquoise & White Dresser

This has been my favorite so far.
As anyone can see I am addicted to Pinterest and love to make what I Pin.


Decorative Paris themed Chest of Drawers

This one was a "Curb Alert" project.

My daughter found this pattern and wanted it on her dresser so I decided to do a trial run first.

The material was a vinyl I purchased at the arts & craft store and it was way easier to work with then the wrapping paper I have seen in the past.

The woman who purchased it was looking for a print that would match a Paris themed room. I think  was perfect.

Retro Vintage TV Cat Bed

OMG! I was so excited when I found this vintage TV at an estate sale!!!
It was fully intact but didn't work so what better thing to do then turn it into a cat bed!

We gutted everything and started to get it work.

We kept all the original hardware to keep it all authentic yet updated at the same time.

I LOVE the Vintage, Mid Century Modern, Retro look!!!

I have 2 cats so I know how much they love their scratching posts! So we covered everything inside with carpet.

Since my "little man" (aka Skittle) loves to sleep on anything that has a dip we purchased an ergonomically correct pillow and recovered it. My cats love fleece and winter is a coming so that was our obvious choice for material. 

So if you live near Chattanooga, TN....