Monday, September 24, 2012

Some "new" Projects for this week

Here are the "Before" pictures of this weeks projects.

Oh my, not a picture I want in my house! 
However I couldn't pass up on another "freebie". 
When I found my daughters dresser on craigslist I was so excited. The girl was moving out of the country and told me to take anything else I wanted for FREE! As I was walking around my inner creativity was going off. I walked away with this lovely picture, 4 awesome chairs and of course the dresser...all for $15. What a steal!
I think this frame will find a new home in my daughters room as a magnetic board!

Here is the other I will be working on this week. 
A garage sale find that has been calling my name to make look pretty.
I haven't decided what I will do with her yet.
Her drawers had so many coats of paint they were literally stuck. 
We had to hammer them out! She is a solid piece of wood so we will see how she turns out.

Check back this week for the "AFTER" shots.

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