Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Desk Chair

Just a small little side project.

Now normally I would try to restore an antique chair like this but the damage was too bad.
She had to be turned into something new

Paris themed Table & Two

Fun little table & two...
Paris themed, 
because it seems to be the "in" thing right now.
And I do love the fabric, and anything written in french is just beautiful.

All the "after" pictures:

Headboard turned Bench

One of my favorite projects so far! 
Simply an old queen headboard and some wood.
I unfortunately have to put this one up for sale but I am so making one for myself!
We have this blank space next to the stairs and up until now I have had no clue what to put there.
I will now be in search of the perfect headboard to remake one of these.

Here is what I purchased her looking like:

Got to love the carvings, my guess is it was in a rebellious boys room!!??

Here she is now:

I wish I could keep her!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

French Country Headboard & A Saw Zaw

Love Love Love how this one turned out!
In a previous post I had talked about this bed and making it a matching set.
Nope, didn't happen.
As I pulled it out I realized the lattice was damaged.
 I have no idea how it fix it so I scraped it!
Since I was left with this big open space and not quite sure what to do I started to look around the garage. 
Then I noticed I was home alone and no hubby to tell me I couldn't touch certain power tools!! 
HeHe, I got a little excited and grabbed the saw zaw and headed toward the pallets in the back yard.
OMG...that was so fun! 
I had to stop myself from cutting them all up!
I was so proud of myself that when the hubby did get home I proudly showed them off. 
I should have known his reaction, he played it off. 
He was like oh yeah if there was one tool you could use by yourself it would be a saw zaw!! 
I am still not sure if he was secretly excited he now wouldn't have to run downstairs on a whim and cut something for me
if he is pissed that I have invaded yet another part of his manly tool area????
Oh well, I got the job done!
And I LOVE it!
I am wishing right now I had a spare bedroom to put it in.

Here are the "Before" pictures:

Here are the damaged areas, hard to see at a quick glance

And here are the "Afters"

 Just a little added details to make it match

Here is the transformation one more time:

I am actually very happy that guy never came to purchase this one. It looks so much better refinished.
His loss :)

Friday, July 19, 2013


Since you can't have a desk without a chair....

Now its a matching set!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dresser without a plan

French Country Shabby Chic

We found this baby on a facebook online yard sale site. 
It has a matching full/queen headboard and footboard.
I purchased this because we had a client who wanted the bed, un-finished. 
I figured sell him that and the dresser would have cost me nothing. 
On top of that the lady through in this stunning vintage round mirror and frame that used to sit on top of a vanity!!
Score for me!!!
Guy never showed up for the headboard and now his cell phone is cut off.
So, change of plans.
I started with the dresser.
Now that it's complete I think I am going to refinish the bed to match.
If I try to sell it as a whole I think I can recoup my money and then some.
AND I get to do something I love!!
So all in all not to bad of a deal.

Now, I started with a white coat of paint and wiped on some stain. I loved the look.
It reminded me of my Mom... 
you know my wonderful, beautiful, kind Mother I have.
Not the furniture stealing, must let her preview everything first so she can have dibs and expect me to drive in 7 hours to deliver!
Oh wait, same Mom!! 
Just kidding Mommy, Luv u!
It is so much fun to give her a hard time!!

Okay, so back to the dresser.
I probably shouldn't have painted the sides green but I am thinking it gives it character.
If I would have done it all the same as the drawers maybe it would have looked to plain??? IDK
So I am thinking I may leave the green out of the head/foot board.
Any thoughts???

Here is the dresser before:

Water damage, had to go. Really stinks cause the headboard has this same lattice design.

Here are the After shots:

I gotta say, I love having doing a stained top on any piece I can. I personally think it gives it a rich look.

I changed out all the hardware because they just overwhelmed the dresser

Green or no green on the headboard????

One more time:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun Little Signs

Trying to get a little more creative on some home decor.
Some simple pallet boards and clothes pins.