Monday, February 18, 2013

Hot Pink Zebra Desk

Hot Pink Girls Zebra Desk
Yep, I turned old sewing desk into a fun hot pink zebra striped desk. 
Once again, not my original vision, 
but that can of pink paint was calling my name. 
As I started to paint the left over zebra print kept saying 
"pick me, pick me"!
Yep, the things in my garage talk to me!
Some might say it's all the fumes and sawdust, 
but either way they still talk to me!!

Here are the pictures:
All the BEFORE's:

And the AFTER's:

Not the pretty pale yellow I pictured but 
I think some little girl will love it


  1. Did you hand paint the zebra? Or what did you use? If you don't mind sharing. Thanks

    1. Hi Cassidy! It is actually a vinyl like material you can purchase at a fabric store or some Wal-Mart's carry them. It is really easy to apply and cut to size. Use spray adhesive to apply and then modge podge, then polyacrylic. Hope that helps!