Thursday, February 14, 2013

TV turned Dog Bed

Old Console T.V.
Dog Bed

Since seeing someone do this Pinterest I have  been wanting to try. Now, getting my dogs to sleep in it, no way, not gonna happen! So I kept putting it off.
I did however purchase a TV from the local ReStore in hopes of making one one day.
Then that day came about a month ago. I received a text from a lady who wanted one made for her daughter. Perfect. She picked the colors and the zebra fabric.
Here is how it turned out:


A simple soft & fluffy pillow covered
in a fleece fabric to keep her nice and warm.
Lined the inside with a solid black fleece material.
I had the Hubby build a box for inside since the little pooch was a chihuahua. Wanted him to feel safe and secure and not have this huge open space.

The top area where the knobs are looked so plain so I added a name tag for the little poochy.
It's now THE "LILLY" SHOW.
Corny, I know, but I still like it.

I had fun making this!
I just might have to make another!


  1. I'm trying to do one of these now and trying to find tips on how to gut it! I opened the back up and WOW! there's a TON of little screws that can only be unscrewed with a tiny wrench that i don't even have so it's been a challenge! Any advice?

  2. Btw you did a phenomenal job! I hope mine looks at least half as good!

  3. Thank you!! I felt overwhelmed when I opened my first one up too!! There are a ton of screws and all seem to be different sizes and needing different tools, so I feel your pain LOL! Once you cut the wires and get the tube itself out it is a painstaking process messing with the rest. Your best option if you don't want to mess with all of them is to build a frame inside with mdf boards. We were doing this one for a smaller dog so we layed three 2 x 4's across the inside bottom and secured a peice of mdf on top of it, so the platform sat a few inches under the front opening. Then we were able to put the bed on top and it sat flush with the opening so the dog could lay and look out versus having to poke her head up to see. For the sides we did the did basically the same thing. I hope that helps some!! The first one was challenging and I wanted to throw in the towel several times but glad I didn't. It will be worth it in the end. Good luck and feel free to ask as many questions as you need.