Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roll Top Desk

Roll Top Desk that took too long!

Okay, so the plan was to re-do this bad boy for my daughters room. It was the perfect fit next to her window. But guess what...Mommy took too long to finish this project and well, we are moving!
So the desk I searched long and hard for on Craigslist, at Thrift stores and at auctions doesn't fit her room anymore. 
Go figure.
I guess some other little girl will get to enjoy it now.

When I did find it on Craigslist I paid a little more than I should have, 45 bucks! The top was water damaged and so was the bottom board. I knew they would have to be replaced but why was for my daughters room. I could spend a little extra right? I went to Home Depot (one of my favorite stores ever) and had the boards cut and decided to try my hand at doing some trim work. Never done it before but there is always a first time. I purchased a miter box and was on my way. I actually think subconsciously I put the project off because I was scared to try the cuts on the trim. Well guess what??!! It was pretty darn easy. The hubby had always said it was soooooo hard and blah blah blah, don't do it. Ha Ha, it wasn't hard at all. When I finished and showed him he actually thought I bought it that way. Crazy right. Now I am gonna go a little trim happy on the next few projects!!

Okay, enough babbling. Here are the pictures:

Not to shabby huh?

I think we gave it a new life...too bad Courtney won't be using it.


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