Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bathroom Towel Hanger

Kids Bathroom Towel Hanger

I was "over" the towel bar in the kids bathroom.
It never gets used.
The kids throw the towels on the floor and I end up doing more laundry!!!
If I buy decorative towels they end up using them and well that defeats the purpose!

So I got creative with what I had laying around the garage...

In a previous post, found here:
I purchased a dresser with missing drawers and had this piece left over.
I decided to shabby chic and distress it and add some decorative hardware.
This was the original dresser.
It had an extra front to the drawer, no drawer attached.
I saved it hoping one day I would have a use for it.
Here is a "before" close up:

Here are all the after pics:


Cat Box Dresser

Kitty Litter Box / Dresser
To all those "cat lovers" out there like me...
this idea was a no brainer!
An "all-in-one" pet station" of sorts.

Here were my top issues:
1. The awful smell of a cat litter box. 
**this became an issue when we adopted "Little Man", oh my could he fill a room with his aroma!
2. The dogs (okay maybe just "Lila") stealing the cats leftover food and the bowls ending up somewhere other than where they were suppose to be.
3. The ugly sight of a cat litter box.
4. Cat litter being tracked everywhere.
Just to name a few!!

So this became the "fix"
 "KIT Station"
(This one is named after our beloved "Kit" who past away a few days ago)

Here is what we started with:


 Pet Door added to the side so they can go in and out
 A drawer to store all the food, bowls, treats, ect.
 Hinges on the side of the old drawer faces so it can easily be opened for cleaning
 Very important vent in the back which you can attach a dryer sheet to make the odor "fresh"!
The top is used to feed them. The dogs can't reach anymore!
And "Little Man" uses it.
He's such a fast learner!

Before & After:
The "Kit" Station

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Lost our beloved baby today
Had 12 wonderful years with her

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Georgia Peach Desk

"Georgia Peach Desk & Chair"

Solid mahogany desk and chair.
Although I thought it crazy to paint I wanted to give it some spice.
I had two samples of a peach Valspar paint I had been dying to use. 
So I decided to paint the drawers first and then figure out from there what else to do.
It came together as my version of french provincial.

Here are the after pictures:

 Here are all the before pictures:

What do you think? 
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Surfer Dude Beach Dresser

Surfer Dude Beach Dresser

What a boring dresser... 
It did have some really cool lion hardware I knew I could use on another project.
I have to admit I really wanted a new dresser project when we went to the auction. So I think I may have slightly paid a little too much for this one.
Normally I only work with solid wood, should have checked this one out a little better before the "bidding" bug got me!
I had no vision for it once I brought it home so I just started painting and playing and this is how it ended up.
I think it ended up looking "beachy"

Here are the "Before"