Friday, November 2, 2012

Mustard Yellow Beast

Mustard Yellow "Beast" 
Dresser or Armoire or ???
Not quite sure what this one is called!?

I was so excited when my hubby called and said to me
"Don't go by Dale's place, Don't do it"
(Dale is a neighbor who always has some amazing "junk" for sale. He is my go-to place when I need a piece of furniture, my own personal Goodwill store!)
I mean really!! Come on...what was he thinking tempting me with a statement like that!
I HAD to go!
And to make things even sweeter my Mom was in town, so I KNEW I could buy whatever I wanted and hubby couldn't say jack about it! GO MOM!
We turned around from where we were headed and drove right over!

And here is what we found...

Isn't she a beast!!!??
Solid as can be.
And the hardware...we fell in love.
So I flipped out my wallet and made a deal!
Serves him right for tempting two women who were already out shopping deals!

And so we called the hubby and said get the trailer and come load the beast up!
Mom and I already had ideas swirling for this one!
We got her home I put Mom to work painting her mustard yellow (another great "oops" we found at the Restore while shopping)
Thanks MOM!!
Here is how the beast turned out...

Okay, here is my "disclaimer" to anyone who thinks I am a "slave driver" to my awesome 65 yr. old Mother....
She painted one coat of yellow and then hopped a plane and headed home! Yes, leaving me to finish the four coats of paint, two coats of glazing and two coats of poly!
Oh!!! And not only did she leave after one coat...
she left me with instructions on how she wanted her  new white dresser done
what work she wanted done on her "new" bar she got at the auction while she was visiting!
a list of furniture she was going to drive up from Florida over Thanksgiving for me to re-do!!
So all in all I think she is slave driving me!
(Love ya Mommy)


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