Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bathroom Towel Hanger

Kids Bathroom Towel Hanger

I was "over" the towel bar in the kids bathroom.
It never gets used.
The kids throw the towels on the floor and I end up doing more laundry!!!
If I buy decorative towels they end up using them and well that defeats the purpose!

So I got creative with what I had laying around the garage...

In a previous post, found here:
I purchased a dresser with missing drawers and had this piece left over.
I decided to shabby chic and distress it and add some decorative hardware.
This was the original dresser.
It had an extra front to the drawer, no drawer attached.
I saved it hoping one day I would have a use for it.
Here is a "before" close up:

Here are all the after pics:


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