Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another TV Dog Bed

Cause' these are just so much fun to make...
I had to make another one!



All the After's:

Since there was an open space in the back I covered it with a picture frame. It is attached with a heavy duty magnet so it can be taken off. You can put a picture of the pooch in it or personalize it by writing on the glass with a marker.

I can't wait to find some more TV's to work on!


  1. This is awesome.

  2. Omg I ive this! I want nailed this

  3. This is amazing and our dog would love it. Do you explain how to doit somewhere?


    1. No,I haven't done a "how to" yet but it is something I plan on doing soon. If you have any questions and are planning on doing one I will be more than happy to help! Sorry it took so long to respond (been out of town the last 21 days!).

  4. Any tips on removing the glass part of this tv ? That is the only thing stopping me from doing one of these for my dogs.

    1. 1. Lay it over on its side with the glass facing down on a blanket or padding
      2. Then you go in inside the tv and remove the four racket bolts on each side of the glass tube.
      3. and there will be a metal banding that will come loose
      4. Then you can gently lift the picture tube out very very carefully.
      Like I said, be very careful because it is under vacuum pressure, and it could implode if fractured.
      Sorry for the Very late reply,

  5. My dad's gonna do this for our 4 month old beagle Gracie!!
    Only because he actually fixes old stuff like this, so he has a bit of experience.