Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Courtney's New Magnet Board

Ugly old picture frame turned cool magnet board
Piece by piece we are getting Courtney's new room together. Here is the magnet board she desperately needed. I love the fabric, it is so her!

Here is the "after"

Here is a close up of the fabric with all the dance/ballet words on them

Then she got to make her own magnets

We will be painting her room this weekend (hopefully) and I will post pictures with it up on the wall.

Here was the "before"


  1. I just stumbled across all of this and love love love everything!! You are amazing! did you make this magnetic? I'm totally going to goodwill and scouting for great finds! You inspired me! :) Thanks.

  2. Tina - I am a huge fan! How did you make this magnetic? I'd buy it from you but I'm a long way away!!! Please help!!!

  3. Hi and thanks!! You can purchase a metal board that is magnetic at Home Depot or Lowes. I think they run about $10/$15. I have also seen people use a tin baking sheet before (never tried though) just depends on the size you need. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask anymore questions. Tina