Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gray & White Dresser/ Beach or Nautical Theme

Ugly, Ugly Green Dresser 
turned Cool Chic

Here is the "After" pic:

 Here is what he looked like "before"

 He had potential, but boy was he not only a mess but she was lacking any personality! 
The bottom had a 1x4 all the way around that just said "blah". So we knocked those out and added some new legs.
Not sure why I painted the "X"'s, just wanted to go a little different.
I think now it could be used not only as a dresser but as a buffet.

Here are all the "After" pics"

Tell me what you think of it all finished.

My teenager, Cody, found an inspiration in this dresser.
He has had this awful thrown together teenager room for way too long. I have desperately wanted to re-decorate!!
After days of looking at this dresser he finally said 
"Mom I have an idea for more room"
Oh, wait, that means more work! LOL.
So he wants a beach/nautical themed room. 
I am really kinda excited to design something now.
We shall start with this dresser and keep ya posted on the updates.
Oh, and I WILL post a picture of his "before" room in all its messy, 16 yr. old glory!!!

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