Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Sweet Vintage Window

"They really do like each other"

I hear parents say all the time "oh my kids are the best of friends...they never fight..." Sorry but I just don't buy it. I grew up with siblings and we fought like crazy. It wasn't until I became an adult that I became friends with my siblings. So when it came to my own children and there endless bickering, especially during the teen years I knew things would eventually change. Most days I prayed it would come sooner than later!! 

Well this month it came. My oldest went off to college. I kept telling my kids all summer that things would change once he was in college and they no longer saw each other every day. Both looked at me like I was a mad woman and rolled their eyes and gave me the famous "whatever MOM" line! 

Well guess what...I was right!! He has been away for about a month now and they are closer than ever. They text each other daily, are genuinely nice to one another and look forward to visits. They actually miss their annoying sibling!! YAY!! 

So enter this picture. 
Both kids had an extremely busy summer and so we shipped them off to California for a vacation together. Kinda thought this might be the last opportunity to do so. I am so grateful we did. On one of the last days my cousin Sherri snapped this picture of them. It literally brought tears to my eyes. A moment in time that signifies so much to me as a parent. Just a sweet moment between siblings. They really do love each other. 

After the tears cleared up (LOL) I knew I had to enlarge it and frame it. I changed it to black and white and sent it off to Walgreens. I had them print it in the poster size. 
Last year I had purchased this old window frame at an auction. It literally hung on my wall blank for months. I prayed this picture would fit once it was blown up. Well it did and it was a perfect fit.

Here was the orginal picture taken:

Change to black and white:

And add old window frame:
(all I had to do was cut about an inch off each side and I used the staple gun to secure it to the back)

Forgive the lighting, it's bad. We are remodeling the living room now and a ceiling fan with light is a must!! We have not a single light in there now.
Hopefully we will be done in the next few weeks and I will post all the little projects and decorating, including the DIY Driftwood mirror!!!

****Thank you Sherri for the most A-mazing picture ever!!!

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