Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Paris Themed Desk

Shabby Chic Paris Desk

Found this desk at a garage sale and had to have it. It had a ton of damage but for $20 and a little elbow grease I knew she could be a beauty. The side and back pieces I knew needed to be replaced, no problem a sheet of MDF can't handle. So with those areas replaced I started to look for a chair, because no desk can go without a matching chair. This one came from my Mom's dining room table set I recently refinished. You can see that one here:
We had five good chairs, so I sold four with the table and kept one. Yay! I then looked through my fabric bin. I found just enough Paris themed fabric to recover the seat and a little extra so I decided to cover the sides of the desk to match. Once I had the fabric secured on the sides I realized I needed something to tie in the stained drawers so I found some trim I had laying around, stained them to match and put them on. I cleaned up the original hardware and added two new old ones since it was missing a few.

Here is how she turned out:

Here is what I started with:


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