Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Country Farmhouse Coffee and End Tables

Country Farmhouse Style

MY FAVORITE of the year!!!
This set turned out exactly how I envisioned, a rich country farmhouse style.

These babies were another treasure from my Mom's house in Florida. When we got them the coffee table leg was broken, the insert that it screws into was gone. Mom had been using it by just setting the leg under it and never walking close enough to knock it!! I am so glad she lives near us now!!

They are solid wood and very heavy, just an all around great set, they just needed some help. 

I knew I wanted to make them look beat up and worn. I knew I wanted to bring out the scroll design on the top. I knew I did not want the stained areas to be uniform and perfect.

I wish I had the room to keep them!!

Here is a sneek peek of the coffee table:

Here is what I started with:

And all the "Afters":

What do you think???

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