Thursday, January 31, 2013

3rd Times A Charm

They say "Third times a charm"  and it sure was the case with this one!

Over the past year I had seen this baby at the auction twice and knew I had to have it.
Both times I missed bidding on it. 
Both times I had to take a call from one of my kids. 
(because you know every time they call it is "an emergency" in their minds)
So turns out both times the winning bidder paid for it and never picked it up.
Seriously, who does that???
Yay for me though.
It was meant to be mine.
I absolutely refused to miss out this time.
And so I bid, I won, I paid AND I brought it home.
Since I had already decided how it was going to be refurbished the very first time I had seen it it took no time at all to complete.

I am going to show you all the "before" pictures first:

And here is how she turned out

Can you see why I had to have it???


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  1. Hey Tina I was just wondering what color combination you used? And what type of paint?