Monday, June 24, 2013

Emerald Green Desk

They say this is the "color of the year", the new "it" color. 
Every time I go to Lowe's, which is at least twice a week, I see this display of paint starring at me, screaming "buy me buy me". I gave in to the temptation and I am glad I did. 

Now here is the story behind this desk. 
The hubby bought it at an auction a while ago. Since the move we have had several yard sales and every time someone would peek into the garage and ask about it. The hubby is a "buy and sell" type guy, if he can make money without touching it he will. I gritted my teeth every time someone asked. Thank goodness no one wanted to pay a whooping $45, I think I would have killed him if someone bought it for that price :) Needless to say, I knew I needed to get started on that desk before he had another sale and someone actually bought it!

The original plan was to stain the top. 
Problem was the veneer started to come up as I was sanding.
 After peeling all the veneer off it just wasn't in the right shape to stain.
Here are some more "after" pictures:

All the hardware is original. No paint. All I did was wipe them down and clear coat.

Give me any piece of furniture with this rope detail on it and I will add glaze every time. I love how it brings it to life.

So do you think "emerald" is the new it color?
Do you like the wood grain drawers against the green?  

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  1. I just dont like it, the wood against the green...... sorry