Saturday, March 15, 2014

Refinished King Headboard

King Headboard Redo

This headboard was never intended to be refinished. I actually sold it on Craigslist last summer. The guy paid me in full and said he would be back the following week to pick it up. One month later he stopped by and said he didn't bring his truck with him but would come back another day?? Really? I finally set it on my front porch and forgot about it. Okay, that sounds a little crazy but I promise we are not those crazy people who have things piled up outside the house!!! It was off in a corner and kind of hidden by a large bush. It actually blended it so much that after a while I really forgot it was there, LOL! 
Well, after 8 months I finally decided it was time to say enough is enough. As far as I was concerned he defaulted on his storage unit rental and it was time to auction it off. BUT...of course I couldn't just leave it like it was. Not after staring at it for 8 months and thinking about what I could do with it.
Here is what I came up with

Here is what I stared at for 8 months! 

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