Monday, March 10, 2014

Stripping and Stripes

Stripping and 
Chevron Stripes

I purchased this dresser on Craigslist and sent my teenage son to pick it up. Wrong move, although he did not know any better!! This baby was layered in four coats of paint! A lovely mix of latex and spray paint, you'll love the before pics. And you can only guess right that the photos on Craigslist did not show all the roughness! 

We will start the "Before's"

 Mix match hardware
 Broken drawers
Spray paint drips ALL OVER
 This was my favorite! Love the blotches...

 It took 4 rounds of stripper remover to even get it remotely ready to paint. Here is a look after the 2nd round

The insides of these drawers were so "painted" and full of drips I had to sand and paint them also.
Never again will I send someone else to pick up furniture, lesson learned. BUT, yes there is a but...I must admit when I did see the photos on Craigslist I had a vision in mind and probably would have bought it anyways! Hehehe

Well, here is how she turned out:

 Original plan was to do teal and white stripes but when I purchased the hardware I knew I needed a contrasting color. I love how the colors all tie together
 The teal is actually a little darker than the pictures show
 I could not have done this without the FrogTape Chevron pattern. WOW did it make it easier. The ONLY painstaking task was making sure eveything lined up. I think I did pretty good??

Side by Side Before & After:

Was it worth it??
I think so!!
(and it was practice for my daughters dresser LOL)

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